LinearB Trial Setup

Welcome to your LinearB Trial! We're excited you're here. Below is setup guide to help you connect to LinearB and get the most from your account.

What You’ll Need

To set up your LinearB account here is what you’ll need:

  1. A User Account: This account will be the method you use to sign into LinearB. You can use any one of the following identity accounts.
    1. Google
    2. GitHub
    3. Slack
    4. Bitbucket
    5. GitLab
  2. Your Git Credentials: You’ll need either admin access to connect LinearB, or, create a personal access token (if using GitHub or GitLab) We support:
    1. GitHub (Cloud or server)
    2. GitLab (Cloud or Server)
    3. Bitbucket (Cloud or Server)
  3. Your Jira Information: You’ll need admin access to connect LinearB. You can set up LinearB without a Jira connection and complete that step at a later time.
Don’t have the right access? Send this document to the right person in your organization. After the initial setup, they can invite you to the org. Your LinearB trial comes with unlimited users.  

Getting Started

Click the link in your trial confirmation email, or just click here to get started.

Select the provider you would like to sign in with.

Add a Name for your LinearB Organization. 

Typically, this is the name of your company. 

Click Continue

Connect your Git provider

You can select either cloud or server (on-prem), available providers.

Select Your Repositories

Choose up to 50 repositories for LinearB to analyze for this trial.

It's recommended to pick repos that have been active lately, also consider adding all repos that correlate to your Jira or Shortcut boards.

Click Continue

Analysis In Progress

LinearB will now scan your selected repositories. This should refresh shortly as we process. While this processes, we recommend connecting your project management tool, connecting Slack, and customizing your release detection.

Connect Jira/Shortcut

LinearB unifies analytics from engineering and project management sources. To realize the full value of LinearB, connect your project management instance. This can be done while LinearB is analyzing your git repositories. 

In the top right of the LinearB dashboard, click the settings gear. Click on the Projects tab, and select your project management tool. LinearB will now analyze your project management instance in addition to your code repositories. 

Connect Slack Alerts

LinearB's WorkerB tools allow you to receive real-time updates on your teams' progress. You can receive customizable team alerts and daily digests in-channel, or direct messages about your pull requests and code review assignments.

How do I connect and manage WorkerB Team Alerts?

How do I set up WorkerB Personal Alerts and Commands?

Configure Your Release Detection

In order to surface accurate numbers for metrics like Cycle Time, we need to know what it looks like when your team releases to production. You can configure LinearB to include and exclude specific branches and/or pull requests, even specific file extensions. Learn more about configuring release detection here.

Your team is now observable and orchestrate-able

Congrats! Your LinearB setup is now complete. LinearB updates metrics in near real-time so be sure to check back frequently to track your progress.

Questions? Comments? Let’s Connect. Reach out to and we’ll set up a time to talk.

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