LinearB Incident API

This feature is currently in beta, please reach out to your account manager or our support team in order to enable this feature.

LinearB's incident API allows you to send incident data to LinearB in order to capture an accurate CFR and MTTR metric. Incidents can be tracked from any project management tool using this method.

Implementation and Documentation

  1. Generate a LinearB API Token
    1. Instructions on how to create a LinearB API Token can be found here.
  2. Enable the API Integration by going to Company Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Incidents Detection. Don't forget to click Save!
  3. Review documentation and start sending calls!
    1. You can review our documentation on how to write incident API calls below.

Best Practices

  • Utilize the update instance call!
    • Once an incident is detected, LinearB will need updates to track services, repos, teams, and resolution time. Make sure your PM tool is also updating resolution times in order to get an accurate MTTR.
  • Incidents can be reported retroactively!
    • Sometimes things get fixed before a ticket is even created (we know, we do it too). Use the incident API to report incidents after they've occurred, ensuring you can report appropriate/correct timestamps.

Where can I see my incidents?

Activity Tab

You can see all incidents collected via the incidents API from your Activity Tab. Select the "Incidents" view to see and filter incidents.

Metrics Tab

Incidents collected will be reflected in your CFR and MTTR widgets in your Metrics reports. Click on any date within these graphs to go to the incidents report in your Activity tab.

CFR and MTTR will be calculated based on the incidents sent to LinearB

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