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How do I connect and manage WorkerB Team Alerts?

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What are WorkerB Team Alerts?

WorkerB Team Alerts send real-time delivery and quality risk alerts directly to a dedicated Slack channel so that dev teams can take action immediately. Team Alerts are configured on a per team basis, so each team needs to set up their own connection to their desired channel.

How do I set up WorkerB Team Alerts?

In order to connect Slack to LinearB, click on the gear icon in the top right of the app, then click Company Settings and navigate to the Slack tab. If you don't the team you're looking for, click Add Team and create that team in LinearB. Learn more about how to create teams here. Once you see the team that you want to set up WorkerB Team Alerts for, click Connect.

You will be redirected to a Slack authorization page where you will need to click Allow. This authorization step is only necessary when setting up Team Alerts for the first team. Subsequent team connections will not require this step.

After allowing LinearB access to your Slack workspace, you will be redirected back to LinearB where you will see a dialog box confirming that LinearB is now connected to Slack. It will prompt you to select the public channel where you want to receive WorkerB Team Alerts.

Only public channels are currently available for WorkerB Team Alerts.

Once you select the channel for the alerts and click Save, WorkerB Team Alerts will be enabled for that team.

Upon clicking Save, this following message will post in the selected public channel. This will give you and your team members an easy way to set up WorkerB Personal Alerts and Commands - all they have to do is click Sign me up!

How do I manage WorkerB Team Alerts?

Customize Your Team Alerts

You can adjust the types of alerts that are sent as well as the thresholds for triggering alerts from the Notifications tab under Team Settings. There are two different ways to get there:

  1. Via Company Settings: Click the cog in the top right corner of the app, then select Company Settings. From there, navigate to the Slack tab and click the Edit Notifications button to the right of the LinearB team whose Team Alerts you want to customize. This method is illustrated below.
  2. Via Team Settings: Select the team whose alerts you want to customize in any area of the app (in most screens you make this selection in the top left corner). Click the cog in the top right corner of the app, then select [Team Name] Settings. From there, navigate to the Notifications tab.

From here, you can use the toggles under Slack to determine which alerts will be sent to Slack. Note: Alerts that you don't send to Slack will still appear in the Notifications area in your LinearB dashboard. You can also adjust the thresholds that trigger each alert by clicking the Edit this link below each alert description.

Types of Team Alerts

Here is a helpful list of Team Alerts available and their default settings:

Work at risk: Notifies the channel about branches with more than 100 code changes and a rework or refactor above 50%

Merged without review: Notifies the channel about pull requests that were merged with no review with more than 20 changes

Merged with basic review: Notifies the channel about pull requests that were merged with more than 20 code changes, with a review time below 20 minutes

Review request hanging: Notifies the channel about pull requests that have been waiting to be reviewed for more than 3 days

Long review: Notifies the channel about reviews that are taking more than 4 days

Daily digest: Notifies the channel daily about issues that have more than 100 code changes, stuck work, and pull requests with more than 6 comments

Update Team Alert Settings

Updating WorkerB Team Alert settings for a particular team can be done from either Company Settings --> Slack or Team Settings --> Slack. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the app to get to either settings page.

In both the Company and Team Slack settings areas, you're able to turn all Team Alerts for a specific team on or off and change the Slack channel where LinearB sends these alerts. Just use the status toggle to turn alerts on or off and the pencil icon next to the Slack channel name to change the channel. Clicking the pencil icon will open the channel selection dialog, where you will simply select the new channel for the team and click Save.

Only setting up WorkerB Team Alerts so you can use Personal Alerts and Commands? That's fine. Just follow the instructions above to turn your Team Alerts to Slack off immediately after authorizing the Slack/LinearB connection to avoid sending unwanted alerts to the public channel you selected.

How do I interact with WorkerB Team Alerts?

Once WorkerB Team Alerts are set up, you will start to receive real-time alerts when delivery and quality risk events are detected to the Slack channel you designated.

The alert will include details about the branch/pull request that triggered the alert and three ways to take action:

  1. Go to the branch/PR on Git
    Clicking the name of the branch/pull request will take you to the specific branch/pull request page in your Git provider.
  2. What should I do?
    Clicking on the What should I do? button will take you to a help article that specifies the different actions LinearB recommends you take in order to mitigate the type of risk specified in the alert.
  3. See all
    Clicking on this button will take you to the LinearB dashboard, which will display all the other events of the same type that are currently relevant.
Only users with access to LinearB will be able to view the dashboard when they click See all. Refer to this help article for more information on how to add LinearB users: How to invite new users.

Where can I learn more?

Check out our blog post for more details on WorkerB here! WorkerB Developer Automation From LinearB

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