Set up your Git release detection method

LinearB can use one of four different methods to detect releases of code. By default LinearB regards tags as the indication of code released. Release detection can be set on a global level, and also set on individual repos.

By default, all repositories in a LinearB instance will refer to the global release detection method. If a specific repo has release detection edited or customized, the repository will only use this updated detection method (it will not use both global detection and repo-specific detection, nor will it fall back to global settings in any instance)

Release Detection Methods


Without any additional configuration every commit that appears in a tagged branch will be considered as code that was released. If tags are used for other purposes as well, you can set up a regular expression that indicates prefix/suffix of tag names that are used for releases. In this case only the tags that match the specified regular expression will be considered as releases.

PRs to a Dedicated Branch (Default)

By default, LinearB listens for PRs released to ^(main|master|production|prod)$

If your organization uses a dedicated branch or set of branches for releases and open a PR when merging, select the option to "Detect my releases by Pull Requests to a dedicated branch" to enable this detection method.

In this case every PR that is merged to a dedicated release branch is considered as released. In order to use this method, specify a regular expression that matches the branch/es used for releases. (By default the "release" branch is master)

Merges to a Dedicated Branch

The third method for detecting releases is for organizations that use a dedicated branch/es for releases, select "Detect my releases by direct merges to a dedicated branch" to enable this detection method.

Note that when this detection method is used, your Deploy Time metric will register as 0.

In this case, every branch merged to your dedicated release branch is considered released at the time this merge occurs. Specify a regular expression that matches the branch/es used for releases. (By default the "release" branch is master)

Release API (Supports multiple release stages)

Release detection as indicated from your CI/CD system can be used to alert LinearB using our release API. Multi-stage release detection is also available using LinearB's Release API. This feature is available to enterprise plans, please contact your LinearB account manager to implement the release API.

Global Release Detection

In order to customize how LinearB detects your Git releases go to Company Settings and select the Advanced tab.

Repo-Specific Release Detection

Update release detection for specific repositories by going to Company Settings and selecting the Git tab. Click on the icon next to any specific repository to update the release detection method. Remember to click Save!

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