How do I set up WorkerB Personal Alerts and Commands?

What are WorkerB Personal Alerts and Commands?

WorkerB Personal Alerts allow you to receive direct alerts in Slack when your PRs are assigned, changed, received a comment (GitLab only), or have been approved. Setting up Personal Alerts also grants you access to Personal Commands, which allow you to use a variety of slash commands to instantly pull a list of your current PRs, updates, reviews, and more without leaving Slack!

How do I set WorkerB Personal Alerts and Commands?

Type /lb connect anywhere in Slack to connect to WorkerB

The instructions on this page work when LinearB is integrated with a cloud-hosted Git platform. If you're using LinearB with an on-prem Git platform, we'll have to set up WorkerB for you on the back end. Email , and we'll get right on it!

To use WorkerB Personal Alerts and Commands, your organization's LinearB admin must have already connected LinearB to Slack by setting up WorkerB Team Alerts.

Once LinearB is connected to Slack at the organization level, it's time to connect your individual Slack handle to LinearB. To do so, simply use one of our LinearB Slack commands. Try typing /lb connect to yourself in a DM. If you're not already connected, you'll receive a reply that looks like this:

Clicking on the Let's do it! button will send you to LinearB and prompt you to authenticate through your Git account.

After authenticating with your Git provider, LinearB will connect your Git account to your personal Slack handle and you can see what all the buzz is about! 🐝

What alerts will I receive?

You will automatically start to receive alerts in Slack for the following updates to your pull requests:

Pull Request Reviewer

An alert for when you are assigned a pull request, or are assigned as a reviewer.

Pull Request Change Request / Comments

An alert is sent when comments are added or a change is requested to your pull request.

Pull Request Approvals

An alert is sent when your pull request is approved 🎉

CI Checks Passed

If one or a set of CI checks that are performed by your CI tool and reported back to your Git provider are completed successfully.

CI Checks Failed

If one of your CI checks performed by your CI tool and reported back to your Git provider fails, LinearB informs you in real-time about the failed checks and includes you a link to the failed checks for you to review.

How do I customize which alerts I receive?

WorkerB Personal Alerts can be edited by using the /lb pref command.

What slash commands can I use?

Once connected, you can start using WorkerB Personal Commands in Slack to perform the following actions in any channel. We have a deep-dive into each command here: How to use Slack commands

/lb invite invite your team mates!

/lb help display this help message

/lb updates display all your pr updates

/lb reviews display all your pr reviews

/lb prs display all open pull requests issued by you

/lb prs long display all open long living prs

/lb prs done display all done prs

/lb prefcustomize your personal notification preferences

/lb unlink unlink your current Slack user from your LinearB user

Where can I learn more?

Check out our blog post for more details on WorkerB here! WorkerB Developer Automation From LinearB

Wanna bee a part of the conversation? Join us in our Discord channel!

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