Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is LinearB?

A: LinearB helps dev managers to measure and improve delivery and quality of development processes. LinearB provides real-time information about the development process on the individual, team and organization level. The information is both operational/actionable helping the team to discover delivery and quality risks in order to resolve those issues as soon as possible in the development process. LinearB also provides retrospect reports for individuals, teams and the organization to see trends, outliers, distribution overtime.

Q: Why do I need to give LinearB permissions to my Git?

A: LinearB uses GIT metadata for its analysis. In order to clone your repositories and extract the necessary data for LinearB reports and in order to access real-time data using the GIT provider’s API LinearB needs permissions to the customer’s GIT. All the operations that are done by LinearB are read-only actions. LinearB at no time store or uses your code.  

Q: Is LinearB keeping my code?

A: No, LinearB performs clone or shallow clone of repositories just for the purpose of extracting GIT metadata. Once the metadata is processed, the repository is immediately deleted.

Q: Is LinearB looking into my code?

A: No, LinearB is using only the GIT metadata that is available through the .git directory or data accessible via the GIT provider API. No code is scanned analyzed or saved.

Q: What GIT providers do LinearB support?

A: Currently, LinearB supports connectivity to GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket cloud and server (on-premise) solutions

Q: How many repositories can I add?

A: Trial accounts can add up to 5 repositories during the trial period. Paying customers can add up to 100 repositories. However, you can ask our support to increase the repository limitations for both trial customers and paying customers. 

Q: Can I invite other users from my organization to use LinearB?

A: Yes, there is no limitation on the number of users who can use LinearB within a single organization. You can use the Invite User functionality (see how here) in order to invite more users in your organization to use LinearB

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