Connecting WorkerB for MS Teams Individual Users

Connecting WorkerB for MS Teams Individual Users

You will first need to install WorkerB in your MS Teams application. Instructions to do so can be found here: How to Connect WorkerB to Microsoft Teams

Once the WorkerB invite link is generated, any user in Teams can click on the link to connect WorkerB to their Teams user account. The WorkerB app will now also be visible

Click Add to activate the WorkerB app in your Teams user account. Once added, type LinkUser in the LinearB app, and click on "Link my account" in the popup that opens.

You'll be taken to the LinearB app in your browser and prompted to log in with your Git credentials.

Once connected you'll receive an alert in Teams confirming you're connected. You can communicate with WorkerB via the chat section of Teams.

For ease of use, we'd recommend pinning WorkerB to your top chats. Click on the 3 dots next to the WorkerB bot, and select "pin" to always have this app available.

How to customize your personal alert preferences

You can configure which alerts you receive from WorkerB by typing Pref in your WorkerB app. Select and deselect alerts you would like to receive, and click Save.

How to use WorkerB personal commands

Once connected, you can start using WorkerB commands in Teams to perform the following actions in any channel. Type Help to see a list of all available commands.


Opens a help message with all current availble commands.


Link your Teams account with your LinearB account.


Invite your team members to use personal notifications and commands.


Customize your personal notification preferences.


Display all open pull requests issued by you.

Prs long

Display all of your PRs which have been open for a long time.

Prs done

Display all completed PRs.


Display your latest PR updates.


Display all your open PR reviews.


Unlink your Teams account from LinearB ☹️


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