How Do I Manage and Customize Goal Alerts?

Alerts for a potential quality or bottlenecking issues can be enabled within LinearB. These alerts can be sent to your team via Slack or MS Teams. To enable Slack notifications from LinearB, read more here:

How to Connect LinearB To Slack

How to Connect WorkerB to Microsoft Teams

To access goal alerts, click on the gear icon in the top right of your page, select your Team Settings, and click on the Goals tab. From this page, you can enable and disable notifications, and also click Edit next to any alert to customize.

Heads up and alert notifications are enabled when they are green. Click on the icon in to add the percentage of PRs which met your goal into your Goals Dashboard.

When editing a Goals alert, you will see an estimate of the number of times an alert will fire. We'd advise setting goals that are achievable for your team and will not continually spam your channels.

Changing alert thresholds will also affect your goals dashboards and metrics reporting.

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