How Do I Manage and Customize Notifications?

You can customize the thresholds for notifications and opt-in/opt-out from receiving individual notification types on a team’s MS Teams or Slack channel. To enable Slack notifications from LinearB, read more here:

How to Connect LinearB To Slack

How to Connect WorkerB to Microsoft Teams

To access and edit notifications, click on the gear icon in the top right of your page, select Team Settings, and click on the Notifications tab. From this page you can enable and disable notifications, and also click Edit this next to any alert to customize.

Changing the default thresholds will also affect the predefined filters in the Activity page and the results of the predefined filters will be dependent on the new thresholds.

We currently have 6 notifications that indicate either a quality risk or delivery risk. 

  1. Work at risk: Now, users can customize the pull request size from above 20 lines to above 200 lines. You can also monitor for pull requests that are reworking or refactoring over a certain percent of a branches code.
    1. Default = 100 lines of code AND over 50% rework/refactor
  2. Pull Request merged without review: Receive a notification when a pull request with a set number of changes is merged without review. You can set this as low as 0, and as high as 50 code changes.
    1. Default = over 20 code changes
  3. Merged with basic review: Listen for pull requests that are merged with a very short review time.
    1. Default = PR with over 20 changes AND merged in under 20 minutes
  4. Review request hanging: Catch pull requests that haven't been picked up! You can set the alert as short as 1/2 of a day, or as long as 6 days.
    1. Default = above 3 days
  5. Long review: Receive an alert when a review is taking too long. Can be configured between 0.5 days and 6 days.
    1. Default = above 4 days
  6. Daily Digest: Get notified daily about issues that have a large number of code changes, stuck work, and highly commented pull requests. You can designate what time of day this daily alert is sent by clicking on the General tab and setting a time for your daily meeting. You can read more about daily digests here: What is a Daily Digest?
    1. Default = Issues with over 100 code changes OR pull requests with more than 6 comments

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