Review Depth

Review Depth

What is this metric? 

Review depth measures the average number of comments per pull request review. This metric is an indication regarding the quality of the review and how thorough reviews are done.

Why is it important?

Reviews are an important factor for improving code quality and finding quality issues in code before it is merged and deployed.

How is it calculated?

This metric is calculated by counting the number of comments on PRs throughout the iteration and dividing them by the total number of PRs submitted.

Update (Sep 5th): We've updated our calculation to better align with the review calculation in Github. Ignoring empty reviews (Reviews with an empty body). That change might be reflected in reduction in PR review depth in your org.

How to improve?

Encourage your team to assign multiple teammates to a PR.

Enable WorkerB personal alerts to receive notifications when you are assigned a review.

What is the industry standard?

The industry standard line is based on the metrics values in all LinearB community teams. You can read all industry benchmarks here: Metrics Community Benchmarks

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