What is Work Breakdown?

LinearB divides work (code changes) into 3 categories:

New work - New work is brand new code that has been added to the code base.

Refactor - Refactored work represents changes to legacy code. LinearB considers code "legacy" if it has been in your code-base for over 21 days.

  • Some degree of refactored code is acceptable and even required for improving systems quality.
  • A large amount of refactoring in a single release is not recommended, as these changes have a higher probability of harming existing functionality.

Rework - Reworked code is relatively new code that is modified in a branch. LinearB considers any changes to code that has been in your code-base for less than 21 days as reworked code.

  • High levels of reworked code could indicate a quality issue in recent releases.

Click on the arrow icon in the top right corner to see all branches represented in your work breakdown graph.

Click on the graph icon to see your work breakdown over time.

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