What is "Work Breakdown"?

LinearB divides work (code changes) into 3 categories:

New work - New work is basically brand new code additions that were added to the code base. New work usually provides additional value.

Refactor - Refactored represents changes to legacy code that was modified. LinearB considers legacy code any code that was added to the codebase more than 21 days ago. Some degree of refactored code is acceptable and even required for improving systems quality. High volumes of refactor in a single release are not recommended since they have higher probability of harming existing functionality.

Rework - Reworked code is relatively new code that was modified during the changes that were implemented. LinearB considers any changes to code that was introduced less than 21 days ago as rework. High level of rework should be carefully implemented and should be probably analyzed further since it might be indication that the original changes were either very "buggy" or poorly written.

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