Enabling Team-Only Mode

What is Team-Only Mode?

Team-only metrics allow organizations to view metrics on a team-by-team basis, and to hide individual metrics within LinearB. Individual metrics can be available in the Team and Metrics tab. These allow teams to see metrics specific to individual contributors.

How to enable Team Only Mode

To hide individual metrics, click on the Gear icon -> Company Settings. Click on the toggle under Individual Metrics, and remember to click Save Settings. This setting takes effect instance-wide and will disable the individual tab in the Teams tab, as well as the option to filter by team member in the Metrics tab.

Individual Metrics Are On
Individual Metrics Are Off

Where do I see team and individual metrics?

Team Dashboards
Take a tour of our team dashboards here! Team Dashboards

With individual metrics enabled, team dashboards will include:

  • WIP (Work in Progress)
  • Reviews Submitted
  • Branches Done
  • Active Days
If Team Only Mode is enabled, your dashboards will look like this: Team Dashboards - Team Only Mode
Teams tab

Individual metrics available in the Teams tab include:

  • Code changes
  • Repositories worked on
  • Cycle time
  • Work breakdown
  • PRs opened
  • Reviews received
  • Average review depth (the average number of comments per PR)
Metrics tab

The following dashboards can be set to display individual metrics for a specific contributor:

  • DORA Metrics
  • Delivery
  • Quality
  • Throughput

Custom-made dashboards can not be filtered by individual team members.

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