Metrics Dashboards: Time Distribution

Time Distribution of Project Management Tickets

The Time Distribution dashboard reports the average amount of time tickets spent in each status during a week or iteration. Time Distribution provides a similar perspective to cycle time but is derived solely from Jira.

Statuses collected must be "in progress" statuses. LinearB does not report on completed (done) statuses.

What data is being displayed in the Time Distribution Report

  • The Time Distribution report analyzes your connected Project Management boards (Jira or Shortcut).
  • Stages are pulled directly from the ticket statuses associated with the selected PM board(s).
  • Tickets included in the Time Distribution report can be in any status, some may still be open and included in the report.
    • Because of this, a Time Distribution report could change as carryover tickets close after an iteration.

You can filter this report by team, board, or issue type. The table below your graph will display the average amount of time tickets were in each stage during your sprint or week (depending on if your board is kanban or scrum)

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