One-Click Context with LinearB

One-Click Context

LinearB now offers the option to investigate the causes and context of metric values. Investigate spikes in metrics from your Delivery metrics report, or Cycle Time widget. By clicking on spikes within a dashboard, or red segments of your cycle-time report, you will immediately be taken to the relevant coding branches that have affected this metric.

Cycle time

The cycle time metric is one of the main metrics indicating the team's code delivery health. It is broken out into 4 metrics that are exposed: Coding time, Pickup time, Review time, and Deploy time.

Now it is possible to drill into each one of these metrics in order to get contextual information regarding the branches that most influence each metric. In the Dashboard view, each part of cycle time is now clickable. Clicking the relevant metric will navigate you to the Activity page and will sort the view according to the metric which you clicked.

Metrics: Delivery Report

From the Metrics tab, you can click on a specific metric value in your Delivery report to investigate the specific metric and see which branches are contributing and affecting most for this metric value. Currently this feature is only in the Delivery report, but will be rolled out to other reports soon!

For each metric, LinearB will sort by the most relevant columns in the Activity page that relates to the metric the user is investigating.

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