Metrics Inspection

LinearB Metrics Inspection

Easily conduct an in-depth analysis of specific segments or anomalies in your organization's metrics using the Metrics Inspection feature!  

Metrics inspection allows you to stay in context within your metrics reports, while also inspecting outliers and trends.

Where can I find Metrics Inspection?

From within your Metrics tabs, hover over any graph data point and click on any datapoint with the Investigate Metric flag.

You can also drag your mouse across wider stretches of time within any trend graph to see branches relevant to that timeline.

What can I do with Metrics Inspection?

  • Within any scatterplot graph, use the boundary box to highlight specific branches. You can highlight entire time frames, or specific sets of branches.

  • Click on the View in Activity button to see all selected branches as well as more metrics around these branches in your activity tab.

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