One Click Context for Project Delivery Trackers

Now with One Click Context, you can click into your sprints to discover which issues, their issue type, and owners fall into each LinearB Delivery category.

Click on any sprint or week from your Project Delivery Tracker view to find additional information about a single iteration (At this time only Scrum projects are supported, Kanban project support would be added shortly). Clicking on the iteration will open a page that displays iteration-specific information about the planning accuracy, delivery, investment profile, and people effort.

LinearB will list all issues used in calculating your metrics on the right side of this page. Click View more next to any issue set to see the full list and points tabulated for each segment of your delivery metrics.

Issues are broken into 4 types:

  • Planned - Story points or issues added before or within 24 hours of a sprint beginning.
  • Added - Story points or issues added and completed after the sprint begins.
  • Completed - Planned story points or issues completed in a sprint.
  • Uncompleted - Planned but not completed story points or issues.

Learn more about Project Delivery Trackers here:

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