One-Click Jira Ticket Creation with WorkerB

Connect PRs to Jira with one click

WorkerB now detects when your branch is not connected to Jira and creates an issue for you or connects your existing issue with one click.

In order to use this feature, you will need to connect your Jira user account to WorkerB. This is a one-time process that will allow you to create Jira tickets with one click going forward. Instructions for connecting can be found below.

How to enable unlinked branches alerts

This alert is available via WorkerB personal direct messages. To enable WorkerB direct messages, please see this page: How do I set up WorkerB Personal Alerts and Commands?

To enable unlinked branches alerts, type /lb pref in Slack, check the box titled "Jira ticket for unlinked branch" and click Save.

Creating a Jira Ticket from WorkerB

After initially linking Jira to WorkerB, clicking the Edit or Create Ticket buttons from a WorkerB alert will automatically create a Jira ticket for this unlinked PR.

Create Ticket button: This will automatically generate a ticket using the information listed in your alert: Jira Project, Jira Issue Type, the Jira ticket Summary will be the name of the pull request.

Edit button: Clicking the edit button allows you to change the Project, Issue Type, and issue Summary of your Jira ticket before submitting.

Upon clicking either button, you'll receive a notification that a ticket was successfully created, including a link to the Jira ticket if you would like to add further information.

Currently, LinearB supports Jira ticket creation on Jira boards with the standard required fields. If your team has custom required fields, you may not be able to create Jira tickets from WorkerB at this moment.

Connect WorkerB to your Jira account

The first time you receive an alert about an unlinked PR, click on either the Edit or Create Ticket button, you'll be prompted to connect your Jira user credentials to WorkerB.

Clicking Connect Jira will take you to Jira, authorize WorkerB to be able to create tickets directly from your WorkerB alerts.

After authorizing, you'll receive a success notification. Click the Back to Slack button to return to Slack.

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