Team Dashboards - Team Only Mode

Team dashboards allow you to dashboard your team to see their current and previous iteration activity and cycle time. With Team Only Mode, your dashboard will focus on your delivery and cycle-time metrics. Learn more about Team Only Mode here: Enabling Team-Only Mode

Work Breakdown

This graph dissects the lines of code added or changed during this iteration or week. Click on the graph icon to see changes in your work breakdown over the past few iterations. Click on the button to see all active branches in the activity tab.

New Work - Newly added lines of code.

Refactor - Changes to code that is over 21 days old.

Rework - Changes to code that is less than 21 days old.

Cycle Time

Cycle time will be displayed as an average or percentile based on your account settings. Click on any segment of cycle time to see the branches that contributed to each segment of time. Click on the button to see all active branches in the activity tab. You can learn more about how LinearB calculates cycle time here: How is Cycle Time Calculated?


Connect your Jira or Shortcut boards to a team to see your current iteration or week's ticket activity. Teams linked to kanban boards will see a breakdown of issues by stage. Teams linked to scrum boards will see issues broken out by done issue, in progress issues, or issues not started.

You can read more about configuring your team's project management board settings here: Connecting PM Boards to Teams


See your team's progress towards your goals by hovering over each pie piece. Quickly identify which goals are in need of focus, and which goals are being met. Every team can configure its own goals, you can read more about configuring goals here: How Do I Manage and Customize Goal Alerts?

Click on the button to go to your goals report and see your team's success over several iterations.

Team Members

Team members included in your team will be listed in this center module.

Burnout Alert A team member has worked 90% of the days in a current sprint (we start monitoring for burnout at 6 days into a sprint).

WIP Overload If a team member has over 6 active branches, this alert will appear.

Top Reviewer This team member has submitted the most reviews in this iteration. Hover over this icon to see the number of reviews submitted.

Goals Notifications

Notifications related to your team goals can be sent to your team Slack or MS Teams channel, they will also appear on your dashboard here. Click on the gear icon in this module to customize your team goals, or view the team goals report. You can click on any individual goal to see more branches that may be in danger of breaching this goal.

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