How do I connect project management boards to a team?

In order for a team to monitor its own iterations and its own issues (for Pulse view) It is imperative to select the relevant project management board(s) and relevant iterations for the team.

Haven't connected Jira or Shortcut yet? Read this! Connect LinearB to your Project Management Tool

LinearB provides each team the option to create a custom team board and furthermore filter the relevant iterations using a regular expression or manually select the iterations.

Connecting a PM Board to LinearB

In order for project management boards to be added to a team, they must first be added to LinearB.

To add a board to LinearB, go to the gear icon > Company Settings > Projects. You'll see a list of all boards available to LinearB from your Jira or Shortcut connection. Check all boards your teams will use. LinearB will begin processing these boards immediately for use in your Pulse and Projects view.

Connecting a PM Board to Your Team

From your team dashboard, click on the gear icon > Team Settings > Projects.

  1. Click on the "Add Filter" button and select the project boards relevant to your team. You can select up to 3 boards for your team. After a board is selected, additional filters such as epics, labels, and fields can be used to further identify the issues relevant to your team.
    1. Boards: You can select up to 3 boards.
    2. Epics: Specific epics on which your team is working. This may need to be updated regularly as your team projects change.
    3. Labels: For larger boards, a label for your team's specific work can help refine which issues are linked to your team.
    4. Fields: Any custom field built into your PM instance.

As you update your filters, an estimate of the number of issues this filter would collect will appear below the filter. Use this to help confirm your filters are pulling in the correct issues.
  1. Select your team's project management methodology, Kanban or Scrum.
    1. Kanban boards will break out your work into one-week segments.
    2. Scrum iterations will use your PM's iteration start and end dates. You can customize which iterations are pulled into LinearB in two ways:
      1. Add a regular expression that will filter the relevant iterations from the board according to a specific naming convention. This will automatically pull in new iterations that match your regex.
      2. Manually select or deselect specific iteration names. You can uncheck any specific iteration that might be irrelevant for your team.
  1. Click Save

Once the list of iteration is set LinearB will process the new board settings and change the available sprints and issue data based on the new selection.

It will take few minutes to re-process the team's data after board/iterations changes. Only after LinearB processed the data for the new board/iteration it will be displayed in the dashboard.

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