How to select multiple teams in a metrics report

LinearB's metrics reports allow you to select multiple teams when viewing your metrics. Team leads can now see the combined activity of their teams in one place. This feature is available on all metrics reports, including custom reports.

To see the activity of multiple teams, click on the teams dropdown menu at the top of your report, and check the teams you'd like to combine. Each line added to your graph will use the color designated for the respective team.

You can select up to 6 teams to compare.

The number at the top of each metric widget will update to show the average of all teams selected. Once you have selected the teams you would like to compare, you can further customize metrics by removing individual teams from individual metrics widgets by clicking on the team name. Note that the overall average at the top of each widget will update if a team is removed.

Create a custom dashboard with multiple teams

Team leaders in charge of multiple teams can now create dashboards wherein they can see all of their teams' activities in one place. To do so, create a custom dashboard, select the teams you'd like to see combined, and select the metrics that matter to your teams. When saved, LinearB will remember which teams have been selected, and allow you to quickly see your combined activity in one place. Learn more about creating a custom dashboard here: How Do I Build a Metrics Dashboard?

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