Building Custom Project Management Reports in LinearB

Utilizing custom investment reports, you can build reporting dashboards on your Jira issue activity based on multiple criteria.

How to create a custom metrics dashboard

From the Metrics tab in LinearB, click on the plus sign in the top left of your page, and select "Custom PM Metrics Report".

By default there are 4 metrics widgets available: Bugs in Progress, Completed Bugs, Completed stories, and Custom. Select any or all of these to add to your dashboard. Note that you can add several of the same widget and customize each one to see different metrics.

The following metrics can be configured on any widget.

  • Metric Type
    • Display counts of issues, or the sum of story points assigned to issues.
  • Scope
    • Filter which issues this widget displays. Widgets can pull issues for Jira boards, epics, labels, fields, LinearB teams, or combinations thereof. Note that these filters build on each other, meaning if a board and label are selected, LinearB will only display issues in a board that contain the label.
  • Issue Type
    • This data is pulled from your Jira instance and can be any issue type built into your instance. Multiple issue types can be selected.
  • Jira State
    • Single Jira State
      • Collects all issues that were in the selected Jira state at any point in the designated time frame.
      • Example: Any issue that was set to "in QA" at any time in the day, week, or month displayed.
    • Transition between 2 states
      • Collects all issues which transitioned from one state to the second.
      • Example: All issues which moved from "in progress" to "In review".

Customizing a metrics widget

Click on the gear icon next to any widget to customize the data displayed.

Building a custom metrics widget

In order to build a custom metrics widget, click on the "+ Add Metrics" button on any dashboard. Check the Custom checkbox and click Done. A new metrics widget will appear in your dashboard. Click on the gear icon inside the widget to customize your metrics.

Custom Metrics FAQs

I see a difference between daily and weekly numbers

It's very possible that an issue enters a specific state, or transitions between two states multiple times in its lifetime. For example, an issue goes between "in progress" to "in review" states two times as a team QAs a ticket. When viewing a monthly breakdown of issues "in progress", this issue will be counted once, as it was in this state during that month. However, if you change a report to view a daily breakdown, this issue will be included in counts on each calendar day the issue was in the "in progress" state.

What timezone are these reports using?

Days are measured using the UTC timezone.

I should have more issues in my done issues widget.

The Done filter in these widgets will only count issues that transition to done (and remain in done) in that particular day. If an issue is removed from the done state, it will not be counted.

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