How Can I Share My LinearB Metrics and Projects?

LinearB Metrics can be shared in several different formats.

Utilizing the Copy Link to Dashboard button will add a link to your clipboard which also includes any specific filters or date ranges you've selected. This allows you to send a specific week or metric to your team in Slack or any other

Note that users who click on the link will need to have permission to view the same metrics reports as you (sharing links to private dashboards will not work).

Export as CSV

Clicking the Export as CSV button will download a .csv file of your dashboard's metrics. Each widget will be represented by a column in the export; all date ranges will be rows.

Note that CSV exports are currently available for all pre-defined dashboards; this includes your DORA, Delivery, Quality, and Throughput dashboards, as well as any personal boards built using the option to select an existing metrics widget. The CSV export is not currently available for Custom PM Metrics reports.

Export as PNG

As simple as that. Clicking this button will generate an image of your dashboard in .png file format.

LinearB Metrics API

There are many more metrics that can be programmatically pulled via LinearB's Measurements API. You can read more about our API here:

To start using LinearB's Measurement API (as well as our deployment and incident APIs), you can create an API token using the instructions here: How to Generate a LinearB API Token

Export Resource Allocation Data

To export Resource Allocation data as a CSV, Go to Projects > Resource Allocation > Export CSV:

This export will correspond to the data in the table, so if you wish to view an export of Projects, select the Projects tab; if you wish to view it by Initiatives, select the Initiatives tab before exporting.

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