Connect LinearB to your Project Management Platform

Connect LinearB to your Project Management Platform

LinearB analyzes your dev activity based on two sources: Git activity (getting the development coding events like commits, branches, and pull requests), and project management activity (to get stories, epics, and project information).

We currently support Jira and Shortcut project management tools.

LinearB provides immense value to users by allowing you to sync Git data with the project management data, showing progress and metrics for stories and projects based on the actual work detected in Git.

Once you connect your project management tool to LinearB you will be able to use new views and reports based on your project management tool data.

To Connect Shortcut

Visit our Shortcut connection guide here.

To Connect Jira

Visit our Jira cloud connection guide.

Visit our Jira (on premises) connection guide.

Connect Project Management Boards to Teams

Once connected, you can link your boards to your different teams inside of LinearB. This allows you to see each teams activity both in git and on issues.

How do I connect project management boards to a team?

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