Jira (cloud) connection guide

LinearB unifies analytics from engineering and project management sources. To realize the full value of LinearB, connect your Jira instance. This can be done while LinearB is analyzing your git repositories. 

You will need to be a Jira admin in order to connect LinearB to Jira.

Connect Your Jira Account

To connect Jira, click on the gear icon in the top right corner of your page, and select Team Settings. Next click on Projects.

Select Jira :)

Step 1: Enter your organization's Jira URL

Place your Jira server URL under Step 1. Click the "Test Connection" button to verify LinearB can access this Jira instance.

If your Jira servers are hosted on-prem. We have a guide just for you! Jira server (on-prem) connection guide

Step 2: Create an OAuth application in Jira

Once a valid URL is added to LinearB, click on the "Connect" button below Step 2. You will be directed to your Jira account to create a LinearB application in Jira.

LinearB will open Jira in a new tab in your browser. You may need to disable pop-up blockers on LinearB in order to get this second tab to open.

Click "Create new link" in Jira to create a LinearB app.

Click "Continue" to configure your Application URL.

You will see an alert that "no response was received from the URL". Click continue anyway, connection will work once the authentication process is complete.

By moving between the LinearB tab, and the Jira tab, click "copy" next to each LinearB field in the Step 2 section, and paste the value in the corresponding Jira field.

  • Make sure to select "Generic Application" for the Application Type field.
  • Don't forget to check the "Create incoming link" checkbox.

Click "Continue" in Jira, you will be taken to a second window, paste all information from the Step 3 section in LinearB in this window.

Once complete, click "Continue" (in Jira). You have now successfully created a LinearB app in your Jira instance. Return to your LinearB tab, click the "Continue" button (in LinearB). Click Approve to grant LinearB access to your Jira account.

Congratulations! Your Jira is now connected to LinearB. This connection can take up to 2 hours to backfill and complete.

Learn More

You can learn more about utilizing Jira metrics on our blog.

You can chat with out team about Jira and anything else on our Discord channel!

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