Connect to your project management tool and set the board for your team

LinearB is synching Jira and Shortcut project data with related Git data. This view (Pulse) will allow users to get the actual effort and progress of tasks based on the real work that is registered in Git by assigning all the branches and pull requests that are part of each task.

With Pulse view, you can follow the task's timeline and volume of work, see who is working on each task, and other operational information about each task. Based on this real-time operational information you will be able to:

  1. Be constantly updated with task status and progress.
  2. Take mid-iteration decisions regarding where to focus efforts and which tasks need to be postponed.
  3. Get estimations regarding how close tasks to completion.
  4. See how often people are context switching.

In order to get Pulse view value LinearB requires access to your organization's project management tool and an assignment of a board. Connecting to the team's boards allows LinearB access to the issues the team is working on in the context of project management tasks in order to cluster and present all the branch/PR work in the context of those tasks.

Learn more about connecting project management tools and linking them to your teams below:

Connect LinearB to your Project Management Tool

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