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Multiple code branches or repositories can be combined into services within LinearB. This will be very helpful in reporting if your team is working on a mono-repo or working on projects that span multiple repos. Service can be defined with multiple repos, multiple paths, and even across different Git providers.

How to create a service in LinearB

To add a service to your LinearB instance, go to Company Settings -> Git -> Services. Your existing services will be listed here, click the "Add a Service" button to add new services.

  1. Select the repo you would like to add to your service from the Repositories dropdown.
  2. Type the path of the repositories you would like to monitor, or enter a slash / to add the entire repo.
    1. There is no need to add the repo name, simply the file path: ACMErepo/folder/subfolder -> folder/subfolder
    2. File paths should not contain special characters, spaces, uppercase letters, or back slashes. Hyphens are allowed.
    3. LinearB will collect any branches that begin with your set file paths; please be specific when entering your desired paths.
    4. Please check spelling when adding file paths.
  3. Click the icon to add this path to your service.
    1. You can add multiple paths for any repo selected, and can also add additional repos to your service.
  4. Click save to create your service. It will take up to 24 hours after a service is initially created before it is visible in metrics reports.

Once saved, services will display a pulse line of recent activity on the repos in the selected file paths.

Services can be edited and deleted by clicking the save or delete icons next to each service.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • I don't see the repositories I'd like to track.
    • Your repos may not currently be scanned by LinearB. Click on the "Integrations and Repositories" tab to add new repos to LinearB.
  • Can I use regex when writing my file paths?
    • Currently, LinearB supports explicit file paths only.
  • My service is not showing any activity.
    • Verify your service paths and file paths are spelled correctly and match the file path structure in your Git instance.
    • If you want to gather an entire repo in a service, make sure to add a slash / to specify entire repo
  • I added a service, but I don't see it in my metrics reports.
    • Note that it can take up to 24 hours after being created for a service to appear in LinearB reports. If this service was created over 24 hours ago, contact, we'll be happy to investigate!
  • The Deploy Time for my service is 0!

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