Troubleshooting Your Git Integration

Encountering issues connecting your Git account? Here are some common issues you might encounter and ways to resolve them.





In order to connect LinearB to GitHub the user that is authenticating should have organization admin rights in the organization they are trying to connect. If you are not an admin, you can use a GitHub personal access token to connect.

When the user has sufficient permissions to the relevant organization, the authentication dialog will include a button that asks the user to grant access to the organization as well as the personal account.

The user must first grant access to the organization and only then (after indication that organization access is granted) click on "Authorize LinearB". Failing to do so will cause LinearB to get only personal repositories from the GitHub account and not organization level repositories.

If the organization appears with a Request button next to it, the user does not have sufficient privileges on the organization level to grant access to LinearB. In order to proceed with the onboarding process the user will have to first request access from the organization administrator through the Request button. Only after the organization administrator grants access to LinearB the user will be able to proceed and authorize.

If LinearB is not granted access on organization level, the user will either see only their personal repositories or will receive a permission denied error. In this case the user should proceed with the following steps:

1. Go to GitHub -> Account -> Settings ->

2. Select Applications -> Authorized OAuth Apps. Go to LinearB

3. Click on "more" (...) and choose to revoke access to LinearB OAuth App.

4. Once access is revoked you can click on Retry button in the LinearB error screen in order to re-authorize LinearB making sure that in the GitHub Auth page access is first granted to your organization.


GitLab permissions issues may occur when the user fails to authorize LinearB and clicks on "Deny" in the GitLab authorization form. In such case the user will need to click Retry in the LinearB error page and then click on Authorize when back to the GitLab authorization form.


BitBucket permissions issues may occur when the user fails to grant access LinearB and clicks on "Cancel" in the BitBucket authorization form. In this case the user will need to click "Retry" in the LinearB error page and then click on "Grant Access" when back to the BitBucket authorization form.

LinearB is not fetching public repositories when showing the list of repositories for scanning. Only private repositories will be available for selection.

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