Metrics Dashboards: Investment Profile

Investment Profile of Project Management Tickets

This report measures the time spent working on each issue-type in a set iteration, or series of iterations.

Investment Profile incorporates one of the most critical components of engineering metrics by connecting engineering to business value. It will show the percentage of total time in the iteration spent (invested) on the different types of work. This is useful for communicating with non-technical leadership on how engineering resources are being used and ensuring that aligns with the strategic direction.

What data is being displayed in the Investment Profile report?

  • The Investment Profile report analyzes your connected Project Management boards (Jira or Shortcut).
  • Issue types are pulled directly from the ticket types associated with the selected PM board.
  • All issues included in the Investment Profile report are completed issues (status = done).
  • The time measurement is taken from when an issue is set to "in progress" to when an issue is resolved.

You can filter this report by team, board, or issue type. The table below your graph will display the time spent on each issue type, and show what percentage of the total time was spent on each issue type.

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