How to - Re-authorize git integration

How to - Re-authorize git integration

Git integration is the connection that gives LinearB access to the git data of the customer on which we are basing all the analyzed data. When the git integration breaks, LinearB is no longer have the option to collect new data thus providing metrics and report that are no longer up to date.

Users have the option to re-authorize their git integration whether it is broken or not.

The re-authorize option is part of the company settings options.

When integration is boken, the reauthorize option is external and the integration is marked with a different background. Nevertheless, users can choose to reauthorize even when the integration is ok by selecting the re-authorization option from the integration menu.

After the user re-authorizes the git account. LinearB will check if the new authorization has access to all the previous repositories that were previously processed as part of this integration. If the new authorization does not have access to all the previously processed repositories, LinearB will warn the user.

The user will have the option to either complete the re-authorization without some of the original repositories or cancel and perehaps do the authorization with a different user (with more rights).

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