How Does LinearB Classify Branches As Outliers

In order to reduce the impact of irregularly large branches throwing off a team's cycle time, LinearB will designate some branches as outliers, and exclude the metrics from these branches in our cycle time calculations.

LinearB does not classify outliers in accounts which have less than 30 branches active.

What qualifies a branch as an outlier?

Branches will be marked as outliers if they have a potential cycle time of greater than 60 days, and are also in the 98th percentile or above of all active branches in your LinearB instance.

How do I know if a branch has been designated as an outlier?

You can view all your branches in the Activity tab of LinearB. Branches designated as an outlier will be marked with a red dot next to their cycle time number.

How do I mark a branch as an outlier?

Individual branches which may be outliers can be manually excluded by clicking on the three dots to the right of any branch visible in the Activity Tab. Manually excluded branches will display an orange dot next to the cycle time calculation.

Manually excluded branches can be returned to your cycle time metrics by clicking the three dots again, and selecting "Cancel branch exclusion".

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