How to Create and Edit LinearB Project Delivery Trackers

How to Create a Project Delivery Tracker

Only LinearB admins have permission to create and edit Projects
  1. Click on the "Create Project" button in the top right of your Projects page
  2. Name your Project
  3. Select Methodology (Scrum or Kanban)
  4. Select the boards, epics, labels, or fields you would like to include in your project
    1. You must select at least one Jira board in order to create a Tracker.
  5. Click "Save"

It can take up to 15 minutes for a Project to process after creation. Once completed, your project delivery tracker will continually update as your team works.

Building Queries: How To Use LinearB's Project Rules

Adding multiples of any filter-type (boards, epics, labels, or fields) will collect all issues that match any of these items. Each filter added to a Project builds on the other filter-types included in the rule, and can be used to refine and filter the issues collected.

Thinking of rule-writing in Boolean terms; adding multiple boards will combine the boards using an OR operator. If you then add a filter for a label, LinearB will pull any issue that is included in the boards AND also must contain the label.


I want to see issues from either the "LINB board" or the "CS board" which have been labeled as either a "UI-issue" or as a "Backfill".


(Board:"LINB board" OR Board:"CS board") AND (Label:"UI-issue" OR Label:"Backfill")

LinearB Interface

Suggestions for Projects

Multiple boards or epics

You can collect issues from multiple boards or just from specific epics. Follow the below instructions to do so.

  1. Click "Add filter"
  2. Select the filter type you would like to use
  3. Check all options that apply
  4. Click "Add"

LinearB will collect all issues from all boards or epics selected. You can add additional filters such as labels or fields to refine the issues collected.

Specific labels or fields within a board or epic

If you want your Project to only collect issues from boards or epics that have a certain label or field applied, follow the directions as above, then repeat the process to add the label(s) or field(s) you would like to filter by.

All mentions of a label or field globally

You do not need to add a board to your rules, Projects can collect all issues that use a specific label or field globally. This can be useful in tracking types of work across your whole team, such as issues labeled "technical debt" or "infrastructure work".

How to Edit a Project

Once Projects are created, the rules for collecting issues are displayed under the name of the board. As your project evolves and changes, you can add and remove rules as needed.

To edit your project rules, click on the three dots to the right of your Project Delivery Tracker, and select Edit Project.

From this page, projects can be switched from Scrum to Kanban, rules can be added and removed. Changes will take effect within 15 minutes after saving.

How to Delete a Project

To delete a project, click on the three dots to the right of your Project Delivery Tracker, and select Delete Project.

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