Installing a GitHub Organization-Level Webhook

LinearB uses webhooks in order to get real-time notifications from customers' repositories and send real-time alerts to our WorkerB users. When a customer onboards to LinearB we try to automatically install webhooks on all the repositories selected. Pending the Git permissions of the connected account, we may fail to install webhooks to some or even all repositories.

In order to remediate this issue, LinearB admins can manually install webhooks for their entire Git organization.

The person who installs the organization-level webhook will need to be an organization admin in GitHub.

Step 1

Contact (or reach out to your CSM), LinearB will provide you with the below two things:

  • Webhook URL
  • Secret

Step 2

Your GitHub organization admin should go to GitHub → Org Settings → Webhooks

Step 3

  • In the Payload URL field - paste the Webhook URL
  • In content type - select “application/json”
  • In Secret - paste the secret.
  • In SSL Verifications - check - “Enable SSL verification”
  • In “Which event would you like to trigger this webhook?” check the “Let me select individual events” option

Step 4

From the list of events available select the following:

  • Check suites
  • Pull request review comments
  • Pull requests review
  • Pull requests
  • Releases

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