How to - Create and manage teams

How to - Create and manage teams

How to create a new team: 

In order to create a new team go to the People tab at the main navigation pane. At the top right corner click on “Add Team”. 

You need to be viewing "All Teams" in order to add a team. If you don't see the option to "Add Team", change your view to "All Teams" as seen below.

In the “Add Team” dialog, assign a name for the team (must be unique), edit the team’s initials if necessary, select the team’s preferred color and finally select the team members. If this team is new in the organization and doesn’t have work history uncheck “Get team’s history”. Otherwise, leave this checkbox checked. Click on “Save” in order to add the team. Teams are not mutually exclusive and you can assign the same members to different teams.

Note: It takes a few minutes for all the team’s data to be populated.

Teams View:

Once teams are added. You can view team metrics in 2 areas of the LinearB app. 

  1. Dashboard - Contributors widget - In the contributors’ widget you can see "work in progress" (WIP), Done and reviews counts for teams (as well as individuals). You can click on the team name in order to see the team members and metrics for each member of the team.

  1. People Page  - In the people page you can see key metrics for each team (as well as individuals). You can sort by each one of the metrics and filter the list of the teams in order to compare a limited number of teams. You can click the team’s name and get the members of the team with their metrics. 

How to Edit / Delete Team 

In order to edit or delete a team simply click on the      (more) icon next to each team raw. From the menu select the option (Edit or Delete). 

If you edit a team you can change its name, initials, avatar color or team members. 

Note: If you change the team members it might take couple of minutes to update the team’s metrics.

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