PR Open Rate

PR Open Rate

What is this metric? 

A new pull request indicates that a branch is ready for review. This metric tells you what is the daily pace of pull request creation. A good cadence of pull request creation indicates that the tasks and subtasks that were defined in the planning process are small and digestible.

Why is it important?

This metric is a good indication that work in this iteration is progressing towards completion. If you see that this metric is below your normal rates or wish to improve it, here are a couple of reasons for rates lower then normal:

  • Developers are stuck and are not completing tasks (usually it's about requirement clarity)
  • Work units are not broken to atomic / small tasks

How is it calculated?

This metric is calculated by counting the amount of pull requests that the team opened throughout the iteration and dividing them by the total number of days that have passed. 

How to improve?

If you wish to improve this value, we recommend that you invest time in breaking down the work to small digestible tasks that achieve a single goal in the planning phase. A good granularity level of tasks will result in faster delivery and shorter cycle times.

What is the industry standard?

The industry standard line is based on the metrics values in all LinearB community teams. You can read all industry benchmarks here: Metrics Community Benchmarks

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