Upgrade LinearB Slack application version

Upgrade LinearB Slack application version

LinearB offers a new and upgraded Slack application that supports exciting new capabilities such as personal alerts about pull requests and reviews status, CI tests status, and more.

In order to enjoy the new LinearB Slack functionality, customers with older versions of LinearB Slack applications are asked to upgrade their Slack applications.

The option to upgrade LinearB's Slack applications is available to all the organization's admin users as well as the original organization's Slack authorizer. Each one of those users will get a message on the dashboard calling to upgrade the Slack application version:

Clicking on the "Upgrade" button will redirect the user to the Slack authorization page, where the user is asked to authorize LinearB Slack application.

Once the user re-authorizes slack they will be redirected to the LinearB Slack settings page to update the settings in case the user would like to make changes.

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