Deployment Frequency

Deployment Frequency

What is this metric?

This metric counts the amount of deployments per day. Each service deployment is counted separately.

Why is it important?

A high amount of deployments will indicate short cycle times (from code to prod) and team's confidence in pushing value/fixes fast. High performing teams invest in foundations that allow them to deploy multiple times a day and quickly recover from failures.

How is it calculated? 

This metric is calculated by counting all the release tags from your git provider and dividing them by the amount of days that have passed in the iteration.

How to improve?

If you wish to improve your deployment frequency and safely deploy multiple times a day, you should invest in:

  • Improving your automated test coverage
  • Integrating with CI/CD tools
  • Automating the release validation phase and release process
  • Reducing the error recovery time on production

What is the industry standard?

The industry standard line is based on the metrics values in all LinearB community teams. You can read all industry benchmarks here: Metrics Community Benchmarks

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