Draft Pull Requests

Draft/WIP Pull Requests

Currently Draft PRs are supported in GitHub and GitLab. Azure repos does not currently report via their API the date-time of when a PR made live and BitBucket does not have the concept of a draft PR.

Draft PRs, are pull requests that are opened at the beginning or during the coding stage in order to start and collect feedback from other developers and/or use the advantage of CI systems that are connected to the Git provider. Draft PR is a known methodology across teams and unlike “regular” PR, is not an indication that the work is ready for review and merge but rather part of the coding stage. 

While in draft status, PRs will be excluded from cycle time calculations, the time the PR is in the draft state will be attributed to the coding time. In addition, Review request hanging and Review too long notifications will not be sent for draft PRs. 

Draft PRs will be marked differently on the Branches page and PRs page and will have a new badge for “Draft”.

While LinearB will automatically detect and omit draft PRs from reporting, you can also designate specific PR naming conventions to be recognized as "draft" as well. To do so, go to Company Settings > Advanced > scroll down to "Draft Pull Requests". From there you can enter regular expressions to determine which PRs are considered as a draft.

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