What are Goals?

Team Goals is a new feature in private Beta

LinearB Goals help you to track your improvement over time and notify your team of potential issues.

You can customize each goal and your team can be notified via Slack or Microsoft Teams each time a goal is at risk.

How to join our Private Beta:

Please send an email to: eran@linearb.io

The goals feature will help teams operationalize their efficiency goals in three steps.

  1. Set team goals in LinearB.
  2. Measure progress towards a goal using LinearB reports.
  3. Receive alerts when goals are at risk of being missed.

Setting Goals

Goals can be set on a per-team basis. To set a team goal, go to Team Settings > Goals.

  • Click Edit next to any goal to set your team goals. By default, the goals are set using LinearB's standard benchmarks.
  • Use the report icon to add this goal to your team goals report.
  • Enable chat notifications for when a goal is missed by clicking the icon.
  • Where available, click the icon to enable a heads-up notification prior to a goal being missed.

Editing a goal will change both when a notification is sent to your team, as well as alerts displayed in your team dashboard.

Monitoring Progress

The Metrics tab will now display a Team Goals report. The goals which are selected using the icon will be displayed, showing the number of times goals were met or missed.

Notifications for Goals

Heads Up Notifications

For some goals, a heads-up notification can be enabled, this will alert your team channel prior to a goal being missed. The alert will include a link to the branch or PR where your goal is nearing a miss.

Missed Goal Notifications

If a goal is missed, a notification can be sent to your team channel. The alert will include information relevant to this goal, including the branch, PR, and Jira ticket if applicable.

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