How do I manage the number of contributors in my account?

What is a contributor?

A contributor is a member of your Git org, these users have been included in your LinearB teams. The majority of LinearB contracts are built around the number of git contributors included in your LinearB teams.

Managing your contributor list

To access your contributor list, click on the Settings gear, select Company Settings, and click on the Teams & Contributors tab, and select Contributors.

The Contributor tab lists all team members, specifies the total number of team contributors, and allows you to search and edit specific contributors.

From this contributor list, you can click on the icon to the right of any git contributor to either merge or remove this contributor from your account billing.

Merging Contributors

It's not uncommon to see a developer contributing code under multiple git accounts, email addresses, or usernames. LinearB initially treats each email address and/or username as a unique contributor, you can merge these contributors to see all of a developer's work combined. You can read more about merging users here: How do I merge contributor accounts?

Once merged, this user is billed as one contributor in LinearB, and all activity for this contributor will be aggregated in one place.

Removing Contributors

If, for example, a team member leaves the company, they can be removed from your teams and reports. When contributors are removed, LinearB will stop collecting data and showing metrics for that specific team member.

To remove a team member, click on the icon to the right of a contributing team member. Select the option to "Remove this developer from billing".

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