How do I merge contributor accounts?

When multiple Git orgs or connections are linked to one LinearB account, it's not uncommon to see a developer contributing code under multiple git accounts, email addresses, or usernames. LinearB initially treats each email address and/or username as a unique contributor, you can merge these contributors to see all of a developer's work combined.

Merging user accounts is available through Company Settings > Teams & Contributors > Contributors. Hovering over the three dots next to a single user row will show users a menu option. 

Selecting the option to merge a specific account will open a dialog that will provide a list of all available contributors (found using all collected Git user accounts) and the user will be able to select one or more accounts to merge with the original account selected. LinearB will offer the most relevant accounts as merge candidates, but you can also search for any contributor name in your LinearB instance.

Selecting accounts to be merged will add the selected account to the merge list. The primary user is the user that all other accounts will be merged into, meaning they are getting the alias and teams association of the primary account.

Once accounts are merged all metrics and data of all merged accounts will be calculated into the single merged account. 

It can take up to an hour for metrics to update to reflect an account merge.

Merged users are marked with a “merged” icon next to the account’s details. Users can edit and un-merge accounts and revert back to the ‘original’ accounts.

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