How to Generate a LinearB API Token

Paid subscriptions of LinearB can track deploy time based on API calls from your CI/CD system. Use the instructions below to generate a release API token.

Before you generate a token:

  • Make sure to first update your release detection in LinearB to use the API integration. Go to Company Settings -> Advanced and select "API Integration" under Release Detection.
    • Don't see an "API Integration" option? Contact to upgrade or enable this feature!
  • The UI is built to generate a token for the final release stage of deployment. If you would like to monitor multiple deployment stages, such as a QA or staging phase prior to release, please contact our support team at to implement a multi-stage detection strategy.

Generating a Release API Token

  1. Click on the gear icon in the top right of your LinearB page, select Company Settings -> API Tokens
  2. Click the "Create API Token" button, a popup window will appear with your new key.
  3. Copy the API token.
You must copy this key before closing the generated window. The one and only time this key is visible is upon generation. 

The generated token can be installed in your CI/CD system to notify LinearB when code is deployed. For more detail on implementing this API in your system, please review our documentation here: Multi-Stage Delivery API

Update or Revoke API Token

API Tokens are only visible the first time they are generated. If you need to update or change your API Token, first revoke the existing token and generate a new token. Tokens can be revoked at any time. Simply click the "revoke" button next to your current token to revoke access.

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