Pulse naming conventions - Clubhouse

Pulse naming conventions - Clubhouse

Jira Naming conventions

LinearB matches git work to Clubhouse stories. In order to match branches to stories, the LinearB matching algorithm needs the branches and/or pull request name and/or commit messages to align with the issue code provided to each story by Clubhouse when the ticket is created. LinearB searches the ticket code within the name of the branch/PR or the commit message. Each branch/PR that includes the story code in its name will be matched to the relevant story and will be included in the Pulse view.

For example:

If the ticket name in Clubhouse is: "Infrastructure story" and the ticket code is: 4584 the branch name should include "ch4584" (not case sensitive) in its name:

  • ch4584-Add-repository-bakcfill-status
  • ch4584-Add-repository-status-enrichment

In this example, both branches (from different repositories) will be matched with the issue above.

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