Pulse naming conventions - Jira

Pulse naming conventions - Jira

Shortcut naming conventions

LinearB matches Git work to Jira issues. In order to match branches to issues, the LinearB matching algorithm needs branches and pull requests names to align with the issue code provided to each issue (and sub-task) by Jira when the ticket is created. LinearB searches for the ticket code within the name of the branch or PR as well as commits. Each branch or PR that includes the issue/sub-task code in its name will be matched to the relevant issue and will be included in the Pulse view.

For example:

If the ticket name in Jira is: "Repository selection - backfill and statuses" and the ticket code is: "LINB-397" the branch name should include "LINB-397" (not case sensitive) in its name:

  • LINB-397-Add-repository-backfill-status
  • LINB-397-Add-repository-status-enrichment

In this example, both branches (from different repositories) will be matched with the issue above.

Issues with subtasks:

For issues with subtasks, both branches with the original issue code and branches with every subtask code will be matched to the parent issue.

If the ticket name in Jira is: "Improve Dockerfiles for better layering" with ticket code: "LINB-603" and this issue has 2 subtasks:

Every branch/PR that will have one of the codes in its name: "LINB-397", "LINB-775", "LINB-776" will be matched to the parent issue.

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