How to - Handle Hanging Review Requests and Long Reviews

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How to - Handle Hanging Review Requests and Long Reviews

Why Is It a Problem?

Reviews are important "team" task. Reviews affect both quality of code and delivery. Hanging reviews slows down the cycle time of the team, creates "bottlenecks" in the delivery pipeline and eventually if done in a rush this hurts the quality of the review and the quality of the code that is merged and released.

How to Handle?

In order to reduce the delivery risk level that is introduced by a Hanging Review Request you can can do one of the following actions:

Assign more reviewers to review the pull request -

A single reviewer might create a bottleneck in the review process. If the designated reviewer is busy with other tasks or is on sick leave or vacation this causes a delay in the review process. By assigning more than one reviewer to the pull request you increase the chances that this review will be picked up faster.

Ask reviewers to pick up the request -

Many times review requests simply "fall between the cracks" and unintentionally ignored by reviewers. Giving the reviewer a friendly reminder about the review request that is waiting may in many cases expedite the beginning of the review process.

Educate team about the importance of fast reviews and give full visibility to the team

By providing the team with full visibility about hanging review requests and explaining the importance of fast and efficient review processes, can create a culture in the team where members who are aware of hanging review requests step up and pick the hanging requests for review.

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