WorkerB Estimated Review Time

What is Estimated Review Time?

LinearB estimates the time it would take to do an initial review for a pull request. This feature is available in our Slack integration, both in team notifications as well as in personal alerts.

Estimated Review Time quickly and easily reduces your team's pickup and review time. By implementing WorkerB review notifications, developers will receive notifications about PRs assigned to them in real-time, and be informed how long it will take to complete the first review that is done by the reviewer. 

This removes any guesswork from your review process and helps you plan your day efficiently. If you have 20 minutes to pick up a code review, WorkerB alerts will tell you which review you can complete. Use this feature to quickly triage and address pull requests, see how long your PRs will take to review, and also quickly identify how long it would take to resolve a hanging or long-standing pull request.

Where can I see Estimated Review Time?

Estimated Review Time is available for customers using GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket Cloud as their Git integrations.

Personal Slack Alerts

WorkerB personal alerts for review requests assigned to you will include an Estimated Review Time. Quickly identify if you have time to review a PR now, or if you need to block off time later on to review.

Personal Slack Commands

WorkerB personal commands will display Estimated Review Time. Use these commands to receive a list of available reviews.

/lb updates

A list of PRs relevant to you that have been recently updated. This scans PRs you submitted, PRs you are reviewing, and PRs you are assigned to review. Use this command to get an overall view of where your work is located in the development pipeline, how long it will take for your personal PRs to be reviewed, and how long it would take you to review the PRs assigned to you.

/lb reviews

A list of PR reviews that are assigned to you, or that you are currently reviewing. Use this command to see your current review assignments, and how long it will take you to review each PR.

Team Slack Notifications

The "Review Request Hanging" Slack alert includes an Estimated Review Time. Your entire team can quickly be alerted to bottlenecks in their pipeline, see an estimate on how long it will take to address hanging reviews by clicking into the review from the team alert.

How is Estimated Review Time calculated?

LinearB is utilizing adaptive data modeling to calculate review time. We've started by modeling global data from our entire customer base. Initial review time estimates are based on these global numbers. As you work within LinearB, we'll learn your team's personal PR review time. Once LinearB has gathered an acceptable amount of data about your review time, the app will switch to use your own review activity to estimate review time. This estimate model is recalculated weekly to adapt to changes in your organization's review time.

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