How to - Invite new users

How to invite new users

Once you are onboarded to LinearB you can invite additional users to your account. The user that onboards to LinearB is the account admin and any invited user is a viewer.


Admin - Can invite anyone, Can delete anyone.

Viewer - Can invite anyone, Can delete his/her invitations that were not logged in yet (pending).


In order to invite additional user to your LinearB account follow the next steps:

Step 1 - Go to settings --> Users

Step 2 - Click on "Invite New User"

Step 3 - Fill the invitation form with Name and email of invited user and click "Send"

Step 4 - The invitation is sent to the user by email. While the user has not joined her status will be "Pending"

At any time you can either re-send the invitation or remove the user by clicking on the trash can next to the user's details.

Once the user logs in, The Activation Date will be changed from "Pending" to the date the user joined.

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