Point in History

Point in History

Branches are mutable entities. A branch may change its state over time pending on the actions that are done in it. A branch may change its state from "active" to "stale" to "merged" and back to "active" over time. No branch state is necessarily final. In order to understand states of branches in the past LinearB is looking at the a branches snapshot of the past date and displaying the states of the branches in this date and the history of the branch up to this date.

If you move to a date in the past (e.g. the end date of the previous iteration) you will be able to see all the branches with the state they had in this date. You will see the number of commits and changes that were done in this branch until the date selected. The work breakdown up to this date and the last update time of the branch previous to the selected date.

Note that the current state and info about the branch might be completely different then what you see in the date you selected.

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