Ineffective code contribution

Ineffective code contribution

Looking at the commits and code that is part of a branch, we distinguish between 2 types of contribution to the branch.

Effective contribution to branch - direct commits to the branch.

Ineffective contribution - code that has a different origin branch and either merged to the current branch or cherrypicked into this branch. In this case, we are not counting this contribution as direct code changes, it is excluded from the work breakdown and commit count of the branch.

LinearB distinguishes between the 2 types of code. An Effective contribution is counted into the individual's / team's active branches (WIP) count, commit count, cycle time, and work breakdown changes. Ineffective code contribution on the other hand is already counted once on the smaller feature branch thus it is ignored when merged and is not counted for the second time.

Ineffective work on a branch is marked with a ghost icon on a branch and when hovering opens a pop-up specifying the list of direct (effective) contributors as well as the number of ineffective contributors.

Affect on individual active branches (WIP) - when someone has an effective contribution on 5 feature branches and an ineffective contribution on 2 feature branch the total number of active branches for this contributor will be 5

Affect on work breakdown and code changes - If a branch has 200 code changes that were committed directly and 500 more changes that were merged or cherrypicked from other branches, only the 500 direct changes will be counted for the work breakdown calculation.

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