Release 153

Release 153

Release Date: Nov 16, 2020


Merge accounts - avoid duplicate entries

LinearB is allowing now to merge similar git accounts with different aliases or emails that appear today in LinearB as 2 separated accounts. The problem this issue causes today for users is that even though it’s 2 git accounts in fact it is a single person. Users want to see work and metrics for the person (as one) and not two or more sets of metrics as it appears today.

By letting users control accounts and merge them into a single alias LinearB provides users the option to see all wark and metrics aggregated and summarized under a single account.

Merge accounts management is available through the “People” navigation. Hovering over a single account row will show users a menu option. 

Selecting the option to merge a specific account will open a dialog that will provide a list of all available contributors (found in the Git accounts) and the user will be able to select one or more accounts to merge with the original account selected. LinearB will offer the most relevant accounts as merge candidates. 

Selecting accounts to be merged will add the selected account to the merge list. The primary user is the user that all other accounts will be merged into, meaning they are getting the alias and teams association of the primary account.

Once accounts are merged all metrics and data of all merged accounts will be calculated into the single merged account. 

Merged users are marked with a “merged” icon next to the account’s details. Users can edit and un-merge accounts and revert back to the ‘original’ accounts.

Time Settings - Set the local time for daily standup, Set weekdays 

Daily standup time - LinearB provides users with the option to set up the local time of the daily standup of the team. Setting up the local time will affect the time teams are getting the daily digest notification. The daily digest includes information about the work that was done the previous day and stuck work that is waiting for the team’s attention. The daily digest can help teams focus their daily standup on the most relevant issues. Sending the daily digest 15 minutes before the actual daily standup meeting ensures that the team is provided with the most updated data.

Weekdays - Setting up the weekdays ensures that notifications are taking into consideration days that are not workdays. This means that time-based notifications like Review request hanging and Review too long will not consider weekends and will be sent only if in fact the time passed was work time.

There are 2 ways to set the daily stand up time and the workdays. Each team will be prompt (once) when opening Pulse with a dialog asking to set up the daily standup time and the workdays. Users can either update the time or skip and use the defaults in the dialog.

Users can also set the same options via the team settings - General settings area. Or set it for the entire organization via the organization - General settings area.  

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