Release 152

Release 152

Release Date: Nov 5, 2020


Projects Pulse View - Delivery Alerts

Pulse view shows all the Jira issues that are part of the team's current iteration and their actual GIT-based progress and work.

LinearB matches the relevant branches and PRs to the relevant Jira issues and provides the user with relevant and near real-time data on each issue based on the actual work as it is recorded in the user's GIT data. This view provides the user with a much more accurate and comprehensive understanding of the actual work that is done for the issue and disconnects the reliance on the Jira hygiene of devs.

Delivery alerts focus users on issues that are currently stuck and may delay the release of value to customers. Delayed issues are marked with an orange alert icon to the right of the issue and provide context on the reasons issues are stuck

  1. PR awaits review
  2. PR Review is too long

Once the PR is merged and this delivery bottleneck is released, the alerts are dismissed. 

Slack Notifications - provide issue context 

LinearB now adds to delivery notifications (PR awaits review and PR with long review) the context of the relevant issue related to this PR. This provides the user with context regarding the relevant issue that this PR is delaying. 

Slack Daily Digest - Stuck work

LinearB now adds to the daily digest Slack notification information about issues that are currently (for the relevant day) are stuck and either await someone to start to review. Or, its review takes too much time. 

In addition, each PR is linked to the PR page in git.


Burnout Alert

LinearB now provides the user with indications about team members that are stressing their work to a point they might reach burnout. The indication is based on consecutive active days. 

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