Release 157

Release Notes - Release 157

Release name: 157

Release Date: Apr 19, 2021


Custom Dashboards

LinearB gives you the ability to customize your metrics dashboards and create new ones focused on the metrics that are important to your organization and teams. Custom dashboards can be created by any LinearB user and can be set as either private (available only to the user who created the dashboard) or public (available to all LinearB users in the organization).

When creating a new dashboard you can select one or more metrics that will be added to the new dashboard. In addition, you can select the relevant team that will be filtered for this dashboard. Once the dashboard is saved the user can look at the dashboard in any time frame. 

Create new dashboard

To create a new dashboard simply click on the “+” button at the top of the left navigation panel. You can set a name and description for the new dashboard and filter the team for the dashboard.  In addition, you can set the privacy level of the dashboard.

You can add metrics to the dashboard by clicking the “Add Metrics” area. In the metrics selection dialog there are different metrics from various categories: delivery, quality, throughput, balance, and project management. 

Selecting a set of metrics will add them to the new dashboard. 

After the metrics are added, you can change the order and location of the metrics by dragging and dropping a metric to a new location. You can change the metrics in the report by removing or adding additional metrics. 

You can edit the graph color and graph type by hovering over a single metric and selecting the edit options

After editing the different elements of the dashboard you can save it and return to it at any point. You can create copies of the dashboard by selecting the “save as” option.

At any point, you can return to the dashboard and edit any part of it.

The new dashboard will appear in the left navigation panel under “My favorites”

You can edit my favorites list by pinning/unpinning dashboards that you care about. Every pinned report will be added to “my favorites”.

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